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Cinuru helps the film industry to engage the right audiences. In a consumer-centric approach we have iteratively developed the first version of our cinema app and analytics and campaigning tools. Our App allows moviegoers to connect with their favorite cinemas, keep watchlists, earn rewards, rate movies, and receive push notifications. Our dashbaord allows cinemas to analyze the taste of their customers, and send targeted marketing campaigns. After a pilot phase with 8 cinemas, we are currently growing our customer base throughout Germany. In the next months we will further improve the app and dashboard, adding many new features and start planning our international expansion. We are an interdisciplinary founding team with various backgrounds (film production, computer science, business).
We are actively looking for frontend and backend JavaScript developers. See the job descriptions below for more detail. In general you can expect the following:
What we offer
Become an integral part of a young start-up and help us scale.
Work fully remote or at our nice office directly in the Film Studio Babelsberg and join our retreats.
Work independently and influence our organizational structure through our Holacracy process.
Gain interesting insights into the movie and cinema business.
Work alongside two experienced technical co-founders and a creative team.
We have secured funding for the next year and can offer a long term job perspective.
Work on a modern tech stack with GraphQL and custom React Native (Web) component library.
What you will do
Within 1 Month:
You will build a state-of-the-art mobile app experience with GraphQL and React Native.
You will help us build analytics, data visualizations, and campaign editors for our dashboard.
You will help us refine the app and dashboard by testing it with our clients and end-users.
You will help us automate data import workflows and app deployments.
Within 3 Months:
You will build new features centered around social interactions in cinema.
You will help us bring parts of the cinema app experiences to the web and send email newsletters.
You will help us scale our services to serve bigger audiences and integrate third-party APIs.
Within 12 Months:
You will help us internationalize to tackle the broader European market.
You will learn how to scale our backend and data visualizations to handle and analyse big data streams.
What kind of company we are
We set achievable and ambitious objectives and cultivate a bias toward outcomes.
We strive for calm and focus, make promises we will keep.
Teams and individuals make autonomous, responsible decisions.
As a remote-first company, we value structured and disciplined communication.
Our structure and processes evolve iteratively, just as our products.
When it comes to money, time, and features, we like to keep things lean and learn as we go.
Our culture is fair and sustainable, diverse and equal, flexible and family-friendly.
Cinuru Research GmbH
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